Ágnes Szikra was born in 1975 in Budapest, Hungary. Lives and works in Budapest.  

Solo exhibitions

2017 - Montázs Art Café, Budapest

2016 - iF, Budapest

2015 - iF, Budapest

2013 – iF, Budapest

2013 – OTP Bank Gallery, Budapest

2011 – Óbudai Társaskör, Budapest

2007-2008 – Shine. Műveleti Terület, Budapest

2004 – FrAgIlE. Van Gallery, Budapest

2004 – Torso. Residence Izabella, Budapest


Selected group exhibitions

2016 - iF, Budapest

2015-2016 - iF, Budapest

2014 - Deventer Art Fair. Deventer (NL)

2014 - The Selfie Show. Museum of New Art, Detroit (USA)

2014 - Magyar Kiallitas. Galerie Jaap Sleper, Utrecht (NL)

2013 - Running wild. Bolyki Fine Art Gallery, Toronto (CA)

2013 - Budapest Art Expo Fresh. MűvészetMalom (ArtMill), Szentendre

2012 - Künstler Salon Murid Bosh. Kunsthalle M3, Berlin (GER)

2010 – Neosakral–Saalkrone. Berber 1, Berlin (GER)

2006 – Photoexhibition in darkness. Boulevard és Brezsnyev Gallery, Budapest

2006 – Dorottya Open Show. Dorottya Gallery of Ernst Museum, Budapest

2004 – Connecting the EU / Art Festival. Ráday street, Budapest

2002 – Parallel realities. Artpool P60, Budapest

1997 – The day of dependence. Vajda Lajos Studio Gallery, Szentendre

1997 – 'zoetnoe. Mű-terem Gallery, Budapest

1997 – Looking for a patron. Budapest Congress Center

Art criticisms (all in Hungarian)

Without borders. The rythm of life. Exhibition of Judit Reigl. In: Balkon 2010/9. p. 26-27

Art on the Danube – Zoltán and Madeleine Kemény; An artist couple. The collection of Karel van Stuijvenberg. In: Balkon 2008/7-8. p. 16-18

Gothenburg review. In: Balkon 2006/4. p. 40-41

The dice is cast – so it is going to grow. Exhibition of András Wolsky in Vadnai Gallery. In: Balkon 2002/11. p. 32-33

SuperTrip. Exhibition of Eszter Ágnes Szabó and Andrea Miklósvári in Műcsarnok. In: Art Today (Új Művészet) 2002/11. p. 44

Is illusion just an illusion? Réka Nemere: Traffic. In: Balkon 2002/10. p. 23

Centre for adventures. About the paintings of Szilárd Cseke exhibited in Vadnai Gallery. In: Art Today (Új Művészet) 2001/10. p. 48-49

How has the map got into the glass? Young British, Austrian and Hungarian artists in Trafo. In: Art Today (Új Művészet) 2001/7. p. 32-34

Movement, art. Rotation - Young artists in Várfok and XO Gallery. In: Art Today (Új Művészet) 2000/10. p. 40

Numerical mysticism at Köztársaság square. Exhibition of Zoltán Hermann, Tamás Szikora and Zoltán Tölg-Molnár in Illárium Gallery. In: Art Today (Új Művészet) 2000/5. p. 37-38

Photos by Peter Foti Photography